The list of time zones

Name Description Relative to GMT GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:00 UTC Universal Coordinated Time GMT+0:00 ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00 EET Eastern European Time GMT+2:00 ART (Arabic) Egypt Standard Time GMT+2:00 EAT Eastern African Time GMT+3:00 MET Middle East Time GMT+3:30 NET Near East Time GMT+4:00 PLT Pakistan Lahore Time GMT+5:00 IST India Standard Time … Read more The list of time zones

How to open the script editor?

Do you know how to open Google Apps Script editor? GAS just supply only the web-based editor.   How to open editor? The way to the script editor is just “Tools” -> “Script editor” (1) Google Docs (2) Google Sheets (3) Google Slides


Google Apps Script (GAS) is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications. GAS is based on JavaScript. GAS can supply libraries for favorite G Suite applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.   What can Google Apps Script do? The followings are quoted from the developer site … Read more Overview

Use Google Apps Script libraries

How to create libraries If you want to use libraries, you have to create at least one library in advance. Please refer the following page to learn how to create them. Create Google Apps Script libraries Step 1. Get Project Key Go to “File” -> “Project properties”. Copy project key on the info tab. Step … Read more Use Google Apps Script libraries

Create Google Apps Script libraries

What can libraries do If you create Google Apps libraries, you can use them from the external environment. Here is the way how to create Google Apps Script libraries. If you want to know how to use libraries, please refer the following page: Use Google Apps Script libraries Step 1. Create a library Go to … Read more Create Google Apps Script libraries

Remove space in string

Java Script doesn’t provide trim() function to remove space of string. Thus please use replace() function to do it. Source Code Format Parameters (1) str Original string (2) val1 Targeted string to be replaced (3) val2 New string to be replaced from val1 Return string Custom Function This customized function is almost same with trim() … Read more Remove space in string

Get user id of whom run a script

Here is how to get user id of whom run a script. Source Code Format Return User object Note If the email of whom run a script is different from the owner’s email, a script cannot be run. How to get user’s email address? Please refer the following post. How to get Email address of … Read more Get user id of whom run a script